While the initial cost for a premium metal roof is higher than most other roofing materials, you'll save money in the long run.

Your roof is a crucial part of your home which is an investment you value and need to protect. When roof repairs are not enough, you may need a total roof replacement.

  • New Roof

  • Roof Replacements

  • Roof Repair

  • Metal Roofing

  • Waterproofing Services.

  • Shingle Roofing

  • Leak Repair 


A roof leak during rainy season can drive you crazy, so when you get one give us a call and we can fix it for you.

JJ Roofing and Waterproof offers professional roofing repair whether you need an immediate roof repair following a storm or you've recently noticed small damage or roof leaks that could lead towards much larger roofing problems.

Choosing the right shingle for your home is fun, and we have a style and color for every home.

From patching small roof leaks to waterproofing your entire foundation, if the water is finding a way in we will keep it out.